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  • Flat-Rate Solar Lead To Grow Your Business
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Solar Lead Generation On Your Terms

  • Our cutting-edge lead generation system delivers the solar leads you need to thrive and grow.
  • Our top-performing solar partners achieve an impressive 70% to 90% conversion rate, and you can too.
  • Our flat-rate solar panel leads make it easy to get high value jobs, ranging from $5,000 to astonishing amounts like $50,000 and even $100,000 or more.
  • These leads offer outstanding revenue opportunities for your solar business.
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Looking for high-quality, exclusive solar leads to boost your business and increase your revenue?

  • Our primary lead generation methods for solar leads are search engine marketing and search engine optimization. However, we use diverse marketing techniques to generate leads for residential and commercial solar companies.
  • We target high-intent and conversion ready customers, giving you the best chance to convert the lead and land the job. Each lead is delivered directly to your phone.
  • All you need to do is reply to the potential customer and close the deal. You then pay a low, flat rate per qualified solar lead. Plus, our exclusive leads work with any marketing strategy, giving you more opportunities to get jobs and drive revenue.
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