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Door Installation and Replacement

  • Cost-Effective Door Replacement
  • Huge Exterior and Interior Door Selection
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Door Replacement and Installation

Upgrade Your Entrance with a New Front Door Installation.

  • Whether you’re getting a front door replacement or a new door installation for a different part of your home, you’re making a smart investment.
  • Door replacements can completely change how your home looks, increasing your home’s curb appeal and value.
  • It can also make your home more energy efficient, which can be good for your wallet and the environment.
  • Additionally, replacement front doors can boost your home’s security.


How Much Does Door Replacement Cost?

  • Generally, you can expect your door installation cost to be $1,200.
  • But your front door replacement cost can vary between $115 and $9,500 depending on door style, parts, hardware, material, framing, and other factors.
  • makes it easy to talk with a local door replacement contractor, choose the right door for your home, and get detailed pricing.
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Choosing the right option

Common Door Materials.

Each replacement door material comes at a different price and offers unique advantages

Consider all your options. Selecting the appropriate front door not only enhances your home’s curb appeal but also serves as a crucial element for security and insulation, making a lasting impression on visitors and ensuring your family’s safety and comfort.


Aluminum doors are a popular choice for modern homes due to their sleek appearance and ability to hold large windows without needing a thick frame. You can expect to pay $115 to $2,500 for an aluminum door.

Composite Wood

Composite wood doors offer the classic look of real wood but with enhanced durability and resistance to warping or rotting. They are an affordable option for homeowners seeking a traditional aesthetic. Typically, composite wood doors cost $45 to $600.


Fiberglass doors are a versatile option that can mimic the appearance of wood or steel. For a price between $275 and $2,500, you can enjoy a door that requires minimal maintenance and is highly durable and energy efficient.


Steel doors are a top choice for homeowners who prioritize safety without compromising style. Generally, this type of door costs between $165 and $1,600.


Wood doors exude timeless charm and elegance. They come in various wood species, such as oak, mahogany, and cherry, allowing you to achieve a custom look for your home. Wood doors vary in price, but you can expect to pay between $225 and $6,000.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron doors make a bold statement and are often chosen for their intricate designs and unmatched durability. The style comes at a high price, costing between $1,600 and $8,500.

Door Installation Choices

Aside from the material, there are other essential factors to consider when planning your door replacement.

  • Different door styles and types have diverse features, aesthetics, and prices. For example, French doors cost $650 to $7,000 and are beautiful as interior doors while a storm door installation can cost $200 to $750 and can withstand storm damage.
  • Selecting the right hardware and accessories is vital for functionality and security. Hinges can cost $2.50 to $30 each, locks and doorknobs can cost $10 to $300, and door jambs can cost $150 to $250.
  • Proper framing ensures your new door fits seamlessly into your home’s structure. A frame replacement or new installation can cost between $225 and $850 depending on the material, size, and placement.
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