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Landscaping and Lawn Care

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Landscaping and Lawn Care

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From basic yard maintenance and lawn care to landscaping design and installation, has local pros who can take care of your yard. Our landscapers will create or maintain your planet beds and hardscapes or even add yard drainage solutions and lights. Our lawn care pros have the tools and experience to keep your lawn looking beautiful and healthy.

How Much Does Landscaping and Lawn Care Cost?

If you want to revamp your yard, the average cost you can expect to spend for landscaping is $4,020. That price can shift depending on how extensive your project is, varying from $220 to $16,800. If you want to maintain your yard, you can expect to spend about $65 to $200 per lawn mowing visit and more for additional lawn care.
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What is trending?

Landscaping Trends.

Multi-Use Spaces

Trending Design: Landscaping that serves multiple purposes from outdoor living space to edible gardens

Low Maintenance

Embrace Effortless Beauty with Low-Maintenance Landscaping
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Textured Hardscaping

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Choosing the right approach

Types of Landscaping and Lawn Care Services.

To beautify your yard in the way that you want, choose the landscaping service that best fits your needs.

Landscaping Design

A landscape designer will help you pick an artistic direction for your yard and select the right plants and layout. Their landscaping ideas can help you avoid making costly mistakes as you begin your renovation. The cost varies based on the complexity of the design, ranging from $2,200 to $8,600.

Landscaping Bed Maintenance

Regular maintenance keeps your property pristine by preventing weed overgrowth and ensuring healthy plant growth. This can cost between $110 and $4,800 annually.

Mulching and Bed Maintenance

Costing $165 to $480, mulching provides a polished look for your landscape, conserves moisture, suppresses weeds, and maintains soil temperature.

Plant Bed and Garden Design and Installation

Professional plant bed and garden design and installation result in a harmonious blend of color and texture, transforming your outdoor space into a vibrant oasis. Flower bed installations cost between $880 and $3,600.

Tree and Shrub Care

Expert care for trees and shrubs ensures their health and longevity, enhancing the overall beauty of your property and preventing potential hazards from diseased or overgrown foliage.

Seasonal Yard Cleanups

Seasonal yard cleanups remove debris, leaves, and dead plants to promote a tidy and safe outdoor environment. Typically, this service costs $220 to $600.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting highlights key features in the dark and provides safety by illuminating pathways and deterring intruders. Usually, landscape lighting costs $3,850 to $5,400.

Irrigation System Installation and Maintenance

An efficient irrigation system saves time and water, ensuring your plants receive the right amount of moisture. This promotes healthy plant growth and can reduce water bills.

Hardscape Installation

Hardscape installations such as patios, walkways, and retaining walls increase the usability and value of your property. This is a pricier project, costing $11,000 to $36,000.

Lawn care services are crucial for maintaining your outdoor space.

Lawn Mowing: Regular lawn mowing promotes lush and even grass growth and reduces the risk of pests and weeds. You can expect to pay $65 to $200 per lawn mowing service visit. Mowing services usually include basic lawn edging and grass and leaf cleanup.

Weed Trimming and Removal: Weed trimming and removal enhance your landscape’s appearance and prevent weeds from competing with desirable plants for nutrients. On average, this service costs between $35 and $145.

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