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What is the Average Cost of a Kitchen Remodel?

The cost of kitchen remodeling varies, but you can expect to pay between $7,500 for basic cabinet refacing and $80,000 or more for custom kitchen renovations. Several factors impact the total price of your kitchen remodel

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Average Kitchen Remodel Costs

Average Kitchen Remodeling Costs and Timelines

Project Details Average Price Range Average Project Timeline
Minor Kitchen Renovations $13,500 to $36,000 2 to 5 Weeks
Mid-Range Kitchen Renovations $22,000 – $80,000 3 to 6 Weeks or More
Major Kitchen Renovations $68,000 – $150,000 4 to 8 Weeks or More
Backsplash Installation $750 to $2,225 1 to 2 Days
Cabinet Refacing or Refinishing $1,100 to $4,800 3 to 5 Days
Countertop Installation $4,400 - $12,500 1 to 2 Days
Kitchen Cabinet Installation $4,500 to $30,000 7 to 10 Days
Sink and Faucet Installation $300 to $750 About 1 Day

Kitchen Remodeling Made Easy

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