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Did You Know?

Simplify Projects: Hire a Handyman.

  • From general maintenance to upgrades and installations, a handyman is skilled at a variety of maintenance, repair, and home improvement tasks.
  • A handyperson is a cost-effective solution to DIY home repair or improvement jobs you could technically do yourself if you have the time, experience, or tools.
  • Handyman services often include minor plumbing or electrical repairs or upgrades, appliance hookup and troubleshooting, painting, furniture assembly, and general home maintenance.


How Much Does a Handyperson Charge?

On average, the cost of hiring a handyperson is $425, but the exact amount depends on the job. Also, they may charge a flat rate for specific tasks but an hourly rate for others. Experienced handymen usually charge higher rates but offer superior service.

Per-hour rates range from $50 to $200 depending on the handyperson’s skill and the labor rates in your area. A handyperson will charge by the hour for larger projects like painting, drywall installation, and repairs.

Whereas most charge a flat rate for specific installation or replacement services. This includes installing a garbage disposal, replacing a plumbing fixture or electrical outlet, or other similar tasks.
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Common Jobs

Common Handyman Jobs and Tasks.

Handypeople are experienced in many different home services and can do various tasks and jobs.

Although some offer specialized plumbing, electrical, and HVAC services, most focus on more general tasks you could complete on your own. The advantage of hiring a handyman is that they have the experience and tools to complete the job quickly.

Repair Services

Handymen offer basic repair services for most internal and external home damage. Inside, this includes patching walls, troubleshooting appliances, and fixing leaky plumbing fixtures. Outside handyman services include gutter, roof, and siding repairs, sealing trim along windows and doors, and fixing minor deck, driveway, or patio issues.

Plumbing Services

Handypeople provide many different basic plumbing services. This includes replacing faucet, sink, and shower fixtures and installing appliance water lines, garbage disposals, toilet hardware, and water filtration systems.

Electrical Services

Handypersons also take care of basic electrical services. Common electric jobs include replacing ceiling fans, light fixtures, outlets, and switches. They may also install new fans or lighting in some cases.

Appliance Installation

Another common handyman service is appliance hookup and installation. They will install a replacement dishwasher, hook up your new washer and dryer, or install and level a new oven or refrigerator.

General Tasks

Handypeople offer many other everyday tasks and home maintenance services. Common tasks are painting, hanging pictures or paintings, mounting televisions, assembling furniture, and more. and doors, among many others.

Maintenance Jobs

Maintenance jobs include replacing air filters for your HVAC systems, cleaning or replacing filters on dishwashers, refrigerators, or home water filtration systems, cleaning gutters, and winterizing windows

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