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March 21, 2023

How Much Does a Toilet Cost?

Looking to renovate your bathroom? Is it time to add a new half-bath in the basement? Replacing an existing toilet is an inexpensive way to increase your curb appeal. While moderately expensive, adding a whole new bathroom can significantly increase the value of your home. If you are doing a replacement, the average cost of installing a new toilet is around $425. However, the exact price depends on the toilet style and other factors. Whereas installing an all-new toilet will cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000. Here are the basic details of how much installing a toilet costs.

Average Toilet Installation Cost

On average, the cost to install a new toilet ranges from $250 to $600. The exact price depends on the style of the toilet, installation specifics, and several other factors.

Here is a basic breakdown of toilet installation costs:

  • Toilet: While toilets average around $275, you can spend anywhere from $175 to well over $1,600. Smart models can even cost more than $10,000.
  • Installation: Replacing an existing toilet costs between $150 and $250. However, installing a toilet with all-new plumbing can easily cost $1,400 or more. The total cost depends on the details of your toilet replacement or installation.
  • Materials: Installing a replacement toilet requires a new sealing ring and toilet flange. While wax rings are the most common, there are many options available. You may also need to replace the water line or install a shutoff valve. On average, you will pay anywhere from $20 to $80 for installation supplies.
  • Renovations: In addition to materials, you may need to renovate your bathroom to install a new toilet. Typically this includes replacing the mounting bolts, but it can also include upgrading water lines and soil pipes. It can also account for renovations when changing from a traditional one- or two-piece toilet to a wall-mounted or smart toilet. Renovations costs can vary widely from just a few hundred dollars to several thousand.

Cost by Toilet Style

One of the biggest costs in replacing a toilet is the actual toilet unit. The cost of a new toilet will vary based on the style of toilet you buy. Here are the most common styles on the market and their average costs.


The classic, two-piece toilets cost between $200 and $500 on average. You can get an economy model for as low as $125, while premium models go up to well over $1,200. Two-piece styles are floor mounted and feature a single flush leaver and a separate toilet tank attached to the bowl.


Known for their slightly more modern look, one-piece toilets cost from $250 to $600. Economy models start around $175, but premium one-piece toilets can cost as much as $1,600 or more. Similar to two-piece toilets, one-piece models are made from one solid piece.


Although most common in mobile homes and campers, composting toilets are becoming increasingly popular. They use a natural process to convert waste into fertilizer. On average, they cost $950 but prices range from around $750 to $1,200. While they cost more than other toilets, they save on water usage and produce fertizlier you can use in your garden.


The average cost of a dual-flush toilet is $375. However, the price range goes from as low as $300 up to $600. The dual flush feature allows you to control how much water you use per flush. Between the lower average cost and the flexibility of water usage, it is a nice compromise.


Low-flow toilets average about $525 but can range from as low as $350 to upwards of $750 or more. They also offer a slight advantage over other toilets because they can save you money on your water and sewer bills. 


While some models are as low as $1,300, most smart toilets cost closer to $4,200. Some even cost as much as $13,500. Similar to low-flow or dual-flush models, smart toilets save on water consumption. They also come with a variety of features like touchless flushing, self-closing lids, heated seats, self-cleaning programs, lighting, and more.


You can expect to pay around $975 for an upflush toilet. However, they can cost as low as $750 and go up to well over $1,800. Although most common in Europe, they are growing in popularity in the United States. Instead of flowing downward, they use a pump to send the waste up, which allows for installation without needing to dig through an existing floor or foundation.


Wall-mounted toilets average $700. Economy models start around $300 and go up to well over $1,500. Known for their modern aesthetic, they are mounted to the wall instead of the floor.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Toilet Yourself?

You can expect to spend between $325 and $375 to install a new toilet yourself. Installing a toilet yourself can save anywhere from 20% to 45% over highering a professional.

Obviously, that is a significant cost saving. However, it also means you are responsible for every aspect of removing your existing toilet and installing the new one.

In addition to the cost of the new toilet, you will need to buy a new toilet sealing ring and likely a new toilet flange. Wax and foam sealing rings cost between $10 and $20. A replacement water line is usually $12 to $15. 

Depending on your current bathroom setup, you may also need to replace or install additional connections on the water supply line. Solderless connections cost $15 to $25. Although less expensive, traditional connections require soldering together. This requires additional tools and supplies, as well as a certain amount of expertise.
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