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May 14, 2018

9 Tips That Will Help You Prepare for a Roof Replacement

When it comes to replacing your roof, most homeowners focus on the style and price. But when it comes to the actual work, you might not know what to do to prepare for a roof replacement. If you are getting a new roof soon, here are nine tips to make your roof replacement stress-free.

1. Move or Cover Things in Your Attic

One of the most important things to do before having your roof replaced is to take precautions in your attic. When possible, move items to prevent damage. Otherwise, cover them with heavy-duty tarps to protect them from dirt, dust, and debris while they replace your roof.

2. Protect Your Stuff

There is a lot of pounding, banging, and hammering involved in replacing your roof, so protect items throughout your home. Take pictures off the walls to prevent them from falling, move anything fragile or valuable to a safe place, and wrap plates and glasses in towels or bubble wrap.

3. Park Cars Down the Street

Another way to prepare for the roofers is by moving your cars down the street. Not only will this keep your driveway clear for the roofers, but it also protects them from falling debris.

4. Have a Plan for Kids and Pets

Roofing is perfectly safe, but it can be overwhelming for kids and pets. For older kids, explain the process before the roofers arrive so they know what’s going on. With younger kids and pets, you may want to take them out of the house so they don’t get scared.

5. Take Care of the Yardwork

If possible, mow the lawn and trim bushes and shrubs the day before the roofers arrive. This will make it easier for them to move around and prevent nails and debris from getting lost in overgrowth. If you have trees close to your house, you should also cut down branches that are close to your home.

6. Clean Up Outside Your Home

When preparing for roofers, don’t forget to clean up outside your home as well. Move grills and patio furniture inside and gather up toys, bikes, and anything else in your yard. This will make it easier for the roofers to work and prevent any damage too.

7. Clear Space Around Power Outlets

Your roofers will greatly appreciate you making space around power outlets. This way they can quickly and easily plug in their tools and get started on your roof.

8. Takedown Antennas or Satellite Dishes

If you have an antenna or satellite dish, you may want to take it down first. This can speed up the roofing process and limit the chance it gets damaged. However, some roofers will take it down and reinstall it once they finish. Talk with your roofing company to see if this is necessary.

9. Talk to Your Neighbors

You should also talk with your neighbors before having your roof replaced. First, they might want to have their roof done as well, which could save you all money. But it’s also a good idea to let them know so they can plan for the noise and extra traffic on the street.
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